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Letters: Get public involved early in the process

A Richmond News reader agrees that the public needs to be involved in the development application process much earlier
Richmond city hall

Dear Editor,

Re: “Public input too late in process,” Letters, Nov. 10.

The writer is absolutely correct that making changes later in the development application process is very costly compared to doing so near the beginning of the process.

Such a system change to the current development process may be an important way to reduce the often, divisive nature of hearings seen too often as development projects move toward second and third reading approvals. Currently, public input as stakeholders is minimized to individuals writing letters early in this process. 

By providing an opportunity for early public engagement, such a process change would likely lead to better engagement from all stakeholders at more appropriate times.

A successful example of this was Town Line Homes when drafting plans for the former Fantasy Gardens site near Steveston Highway and No. 5 Road. A broader inclusion of stakeholders, including neighbourhood residents, ensured needs of the community were reflected in this development.  The development process of the city needs to serve everyone, including the voice of residents and ensuring developers are partners in working together for Richmond.

Jerome Dickey


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