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Letters: Fines could pay off on Steveston Highway

A Richmond News reader wants the RCMP to fine drivers on Steveston Highway
A Richmond News reader wants the RCMP to set up a dragnet for speeders on Steveston Highway

Dear Editor,

For years I have requested the City of Richmond address speeding on Steveston Highway, to absolutely no avail.

It is officially 50 km/hr, yet well over 80 per cent of all drivers go 80 to 90 km/hr.

I have repeatedly requested our RCMP position one or two cruisers to slow it down — no can do.

If a ticket is $80 per infraction, that would make it $128,000/day, or $47 million/year (give or take).

Let’s say two officers make $200,000 combined. Thus, outlay would be $200,000 with a return of $46-47 million.

Seems to be a very good return on investment.

Henrik Laursen


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