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Letters: Don’t pave over trail, please

A Richmond News reader is dead set against paving the Francis Road trail
Francis Road Trail
Barbara Zeigler is against the petition, and says paving the Francis Road Trail would impact those who use it as well as wildlife.

Dear Editor,

Re: “Resident wants trail paved to combat traffic,” News, Oct. 21. 

We are a group of residents from Bissett Drive, Arrowsmith Drive and Alonquin Drive.

Some of us have lived in the area for 20 to 40 years or more.

We strongly object to the idea of converting the Francis Road trail to road for cars as it will not solve the problem at the sharp curve close to Bissett Drive/Arvida Drive area.

On the contrary, it will only worsen the situation.

Opening up a new route would induce more non-local traffic travelling through the area.

The root of the problem at the sharp curve is not traffic volume but speed.

We totally agree with Barbara Ziegler that installing street bumps, modifying street parking regulations, adding signage alerting people would be a viable solution.

The trail is for Richmond residents. 

People drive or walk to the trail to jog, bike or walk with their families, which they have done for generatioins.

It is also used by many elderly to walk home after getting off the bus on No. 4 Road. 

Converting the trail to a car road would be unfair and disastrous to those who reside on Bissett Drive with their houses back to the trail.

Their peace and quiet will be deprived of with traffic close to their backyard and increased non-local traffic generated by the new route at their front along Bissett Drive. 

Replacing the trail by a car road would take away the well-established habitats for wildlife, birds and bees whose numbers are already diminishing in Richmond. 

Converting the trail will not solve the problem but will only increase traffic flow and pollution in the area.

The long-established ecosystem in that area will be destroyed, not to mention the number of trees that will have to be cut down.

Tei Cheng