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Letters: Anti-vaxxers remain a COVID-19 target

A Richmond News reader says those refusing to get vaccinated are fodder for the COVID-19 virus
COVID vaccine
COVID-19 vaccine

An open letter to all who don’t believe and refuse to be vaccinated,

I never cease to be amazed by you who still think that this virus and pandemic is a hoax, This “Flat Earth thinking” is ridiculous in my view, in that you can protest with this rigid and myopic view of the present danger.

To even try and understand this is mind boggling at best, and so I am very confused as to why you would want to endanger your own lives, as well as the lives of others around you.

This, to me, is only assisting the virus, in killing as many people as possible, and I can see this led to a 5th pandemic or even a 6th one, or more. Because of your continued actions, this could last for years to come, and I believe the consequences will all be on your shoulders.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, COVID-19 cases are now 12 times higher among unvaccinated than vaccinated, and of this fact I am not surprised, and I will also not be surprised to see this number rise.

To all of you who still think this is a hoax and refuse to get vaccinated, it is true that no one can force you, but it is also true that you remain a target for the virus, or are even a virus carrier, and so I wish you luck with what little life you will have left.

Gordon Kibble