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Update: Recycling materials on fire caused thick smoke in Richmond

The fire has now been put out.
There is apparently a structural fire near No. 9 and Dyke roads.

The fire near No. 9 and Dyke roads has now been put out.

According to Richmond Fire-Rescue Fire Chief Jim Wishlove, the fire was not a structural fire and had in fact come from a pile of recycled materials at an alternate fuels recycling facility in the area.

He added that the fire was in the 7600 block of No. 9 Road and not at the Lafarge plant.

"Our crews were called just around noon today for reported smoke in the area," said Wishlove.

The fire was put out after around an hour and there are no reports of any injuries.

"In total it was a difficult fire to put out because it's just basically a pile of recycling and rubbish, and so... you have to work through it in order to put the seed of the fire out," Wishlove explained.

Due to the materials on fire and the wind, the smoke from the fire looked thick and black and had appeared more significant than it was.

A Twitter post shows heavy smoke spreading from the structure to neighbouring areas.

The smoke had caused a visual distraction to those driving on Hwy 91 near the S-curve, according to another Twitter post.

Richmond Fire-Rescue is still trying to determine the cause of the fire.