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Here's how to help bats this Halloween

Over half the species in this province are considered at risk.

How can you help the local bat population?

International Bat Week is Oct. 24 to 31 and conservationists are taking the opportunity to counter batty stereotypes and motivate locals to help the creatures of the night.

"Bats in B.C. help control agricultural and forest pests, as well as mosquitoes in our yards — but now bats need our help," said Danielle Dagenais, regional co-ordinator for the BC Community Bat Program in the Metro Vancouver to Squamish region. "The conservation of bats in B.C. has always been important since over half the species in this province are considered at risk. With the continuing spread of white-nose Syndrome in Washington State, bat conservation is more important than ever as we expect to see impacts in B.C. in the near future. "

Folks can help by first taking the time to learn more about what bats do and the ways they make human life better by visiting or the BC Community Bat Program at

There's also a cool bat cam to tune into, too.

Or there is this cookbook made where the recipes require bat-dependant ingredients.

(No actual bats are needed for any of the dishes, to be clear!)

At this time of year, bats should actually not be out and about, unless they are part of a Halloween display. They won't return until the spring.

B.C. bats must leave their summer roost sites and migrate or hibernate to survive the winter as insect-eaters, the release states.

 "This absence means that this is the time of year to do home renovations that you have delayed due to bat presence. You can clean out and repair a bat box, or do bat-friendly exclusion work, without disturbing or injuring bats," the release states.

If you do see a bat in winter, that is a bad sign. so report it. Monitoring for white-nose syndrome in B.C. will continue this winter, with Community Bat Programs requesting reports of dead bats or sightings of winter bat activity.  

Report sightings at, or 1-855-922-2287 ext. 11.