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Got a wall that needs a facelift? The City of Richmond wants to hear from you

It’s the fifth annual Community Mural Program: Property owners, organizations, stratas and non-profit groups being asked to volunteer their walls
Gillnetter at Night, by Mark Anderson, at Pacific Net & Twine (3731 Moncton Street)

If you’ve got a dreary-looking wall that needs a facelift, the City of Richmond wants to hear from you.

The city is launching its fifth annual Community Mural Program and is inviting property owners, organizations, stratas and non-profit groups to offer walls to be painted by artists.

Selected applicants will be notified in early October and city staff will then match them with a pre-qualified artist to create the mural and manage the creation process.

Locations must be visually accessible to the general public and meet a few additional requirements. Private, single-family properties are not eligible. Details can be found at

“We are so very pleased that we have been able to participate in the City of Richmond Community Mural Program” said Rosemary Nickerson, Chair of Richmond Aquatic Advisory Board. “This has allowed for two large and vibrantly colourful murals to have been created at Steveston and South Arm Outdoor Pools. The murals have brought enthusiastic excitement and positive comments by many passing by these murals describing how they portray the surroundings and feelings of each of the communities they are displayed in.”

Since the launch of the Community Mural Program in 2019, there have been 20 murals completed throughout Richmond including:

· Journey Home by Nicole Larsen at the Steveston Outdoor Pool (4151 Moncton Street)

· Our Friends the Trees by Jean Bradbury at Maple Lane Elementary School (7671 Alouette Drive)

· Gillnetter at Night by Mark Anderson at Pacific Net & Twine (3731 Moncton Street)

The deadline to apply is Monday, Sept. 18, with murals to be completed in 2024. To learn more about the Community Mural Program and to apply, visit, email or call 604-247-4612.