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Gofundme launched for Richmond athlete after accident

Lexi Hindson was hit while riding her bike home a few weeks ago.
Lexi Hindson
A Gofundme page has been set up for McMath's Lexi Hindson after she was hit on her way home.

A crowd-funding page has been kicked off to help raise funds to support a young Richmond student and athlete after she was hit by a vehicle.

Just a few weeks ago, McMath student Lexi Hindson was rushed to BC Children’s Hospital after being struck by an SUV while she was riding her bike home.

She sustained multiple injuries including a severe head trauma, a broken neck, a lacerated liver, a broken pelvis, and a shattered knee.

According to Richmond teacher and running coach Rachel Maika, who started the gofundme page, Hindson is a “strong, passionate, and energetic girl who adores her friends, family and sports.”

Maika coached Hindson on the track and field team and has watched her grow as an athlete over the past seven years.

“Teachers, coaches, and friends know Lexi to be kind, caring, and hardworking. Right now, her family and her need our support,” Maika wrote.

“We know that with her strength and courage, she will be back to her spunky and sporty self.”

Hindson is awaiting more tests and surgery at the hospital and donations will be used to for house modifications to make it accessible for her during the recovery process.

“We ask that you join us in doing something special to support this student athlete and her family.”