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Free exhibition displaying Asian artwork coming to Richmond this weekend

What was your impression of Asian art?
Asian art is more than just calligraphy, ceramics and traditional Chinese painting, according to a Richmondite.

Asian art is more than just calligraphy, ceramics and traditional Chinese paintings.

According to Richmondite Arthur Wang, who has been running an art gallery for more than 20 years, Asian art has more to offer than the stereotypical art forms usually associated with it.

To help people break free of these stereotypes of Asian art, Wang, in collaboration with Richmond-based Gendo Asian Art Foundation, is holding a free exhibition in Richmond this weekend featuring hundreds of pieces of Asian art. 

The Wondrous Asian Treasures Exhibition, scheduled for three days, aims to create a platform to allow everyone to explore and appreciate the exquisite beauty of Asian art and culture. 

"Asian art is known for its richness and character, form and content, which reflects the ethno-cultural diversity of the region. Many Pakistani artists used reeds and brushes to create calligraphy and this artwork is mind-blowing. But, unfortunately, most of us are unaware of their achievements," said Wang.

"We aim to let more talented people’s work be seen and let their voices be represented."

Meanwhile, a few artists will create paintings live on site. 

"Everyone is welcome to take a look, even those who identify as non-artsy. You can still benefit from listening to artists' conversations and observing their creative process. I believe everyone is a natural-born artist," said Wang. 

The exhibition will launch Saturday at 3 p.m. on the sixth floor of the Club Versante at the Richmond International Trade Centre.

The free show, open to the public, runs Monday and Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.