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Food Day serves new ideas

In honour of World Food Day Oct. 14, residents are being asked to take a good look at whats on their plates.

In honour of World Food Day Oct. 14, residents are being asked to take a good look at whats on their plates.

Richmond Food Security Society is teaming up with the Richmond Public Library, the Richmond Museum and Cinevolution to serve up some perspective on the very stuff that sustains us.

The Richmond Cultural Centre will be open from 12 to 4 p.m. with interactive exhibits like butter churning (bring your own baked bread), films, childrens activities and a pocket market.

As well, social media will play a part in the celebration. A space will be provided where the public can download and use phone applications that help them take ethical issues into account when buying groceries.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations launched World Food Day internationally in 1979. Richmond Food Security Society aims to raise awareness about food-related issues on both a local and global scale.

During that Sunday afternoon, people of all ages can learn about hunger, food production and distribution both locally and globally, said coordinator Colin Dring.

Hunger might not seem like an issue in an affluent community like Richmond, but in fact the food bank has seen a steady increase in users, said Dring. And the community meal service has been expanding.

Clearly, food access is an issue that is also tied to housing. Since land prices in the region are quite high, people frequently have less money to spend on food and start to make poor food choices. They are often part of an invisible but vulnerable group.

The society and its partners hope to not only address problems, but also solutions. This years World Food Day theme is Agricultural Co-operatives: key to feeding the world.

That community-based view of agriculture is considered to be the solution to global food issues such as the lack of access to land for food production and market pressures.

World Food Day not only offers a lot to think about, but also something to taste: Richmond chef Ian Lai will prepare a meal with local foods.