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City of Richmond workshops showcase beauty of aging

Registration is now open for the winter 2022 Artful Aging program for Richmondites 55 and up.
Judy Shih hopes the artful aging program could help people put a positive lens on aging.

Many people are afraid of getting older, but Judy Shih believes aging can be “beautiful and artful.”

“There are people who have negative thoughts about aging. That’s not what we want and that’s not true either,” said Shih, an older adults coordinator with the City Centre Community Centre.

Since early last year, Shih has been involved with the community centre’s Artful Aging series, a program which gives Richmondites aged 55 and up the chance to hang out with new friends while learning new skills. 

Registration is now open for the winter 2022 program.

Shih said she chose Artful Aging as the name for the program because “life is a canvas and artful means skillful and intelligent.”

The upcoming Artful Aging program will feature a wide range of virtual cooking classes, DIY workshops, watercolour painting sessions, and seminars on how to stay healthy while aging. 

According to Shih, many seniors appreciate the intergenerational connection with the program’s youth instructors, while others enjoy spending quality time making crafts with their friends and even family members. 

“It’s also rewarding to see many older adults leaving the program with happy smiles because they have socialized with others. One aspect of artful aging is engaging with the local community,” said Shih. 

Some programs are offered in multiple languages to help seniors whose native language isn’t English feel more comfortable joining. 

Shih said she hopes these workshops could put a positive lens on aging. 

For more information, visit or contact City Centre Community Centre at 604-276-4300.