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Cash, illicit drugs seized in Richmond among CBSA's 2021 enforcement highlights

CBSA recently released its 2021 operational and enforcement highlights
CBSA enforcement highlights 2021
Methamphetamine declared as "used books" and seized in Richmond was among CBSA's 2021 enforcement highlights.

A shipment of methamphetamine declared as “used books” and hundreds of brass knuckles seized in Richmond last year are counted among the Canada Border Service Agency’s “operational and enforcement highlights” of 2021.

The agency recently released its annual year-end list for its Pacific Region, which is home to 43 land, air and marine ports of entry.

Included in the tally is a July 12 incident at Vancouver International Airport Air Cargo Operations, when CBSA officers intercepted 232 shipments containing 300 brass knuckles with an auto retractable knife.

In a separate incident in July, border services officers seized 500 cigarettes declared as “camping tents.”

Also highlighted on the list was an Aug. 5 incident at the Vancouver International Mail Centre on Ferguson Road in Richmond.

According to CBSA, border services officers examined an export parcel declared as “used books,” and found each book had a “clear plastic bag containing white chunky crystals.”

The eight books contained a total of 11.4 kg of suspected methamphetamine with an estimated value of $1.4 million.

Furthermore, from Jan. 1 to Oct. 31, border services officers at the Vancouver International Mail Centre conducted 216 separate seizures of firearm suppressors for a total of 318 firearm suppressors (some seizures contained multiple devices).

Several of these seizures led to multi-jurisdictional search warrants and arrests by the Pacific Region Criminal Investigations Section, according to CBSA.

Another Richmond enforcement highlight took place at Vancouver International Airport on Sept. 5, when CBSA officers seized more than $40,500 from a traveller returning from the U.S. The money was seized as suspected proceeds of crime.

CBSA also highlighted the opening of a Designated Safe Sampling Area (DSSA) in June at Air Cargo Operations at YVR.

Having a DSSA on site allows CBSA to test and analyze suspected highly toxic substances and identify drugs and precursor chemicals in real-time.

The DSSA was part of the federal government’s 2018 budget for the opioid crisis, which included $31.6 million over five years to help CBSA identify and interdict fentanyl and other substances at ports of entry.

Meanwhile, on Dec. 5, CBSA employees from the Vancouver International Airport District participated in the Cops for Cancer Tour de Coast event. The employees cycled over 800 kilometres and raised $314,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.