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Angels Among Us: Lost phone returned to Richmond family

Faith in humanity restored, says Richmond resident
Cellphone in hands

When you lose your cellphone in public, most people tend to think it is a lost cause.

This happened exactly to a Richmond and daughter duo, but was lucky to have met a kind stranger who returned their cellphone.

Barbara Reed told the Richmond News that her daughter’s cellphone had dropped along a trail near Bridgeport this past weekend, and they were frantically trying to call and find it.

“I had been calling the phone for about 20 minutes while my daughter walked the trail,” said Reed, adding that there was no answer at all.

Reed and her daughter thought the worst and assumed that someone had picked up the phone and turned it off.

“I was sick to my stomach thinking we wouldn’t get it back.”

However, a final call was answered by a man who said he found the phone and then he proceeded to give them an address for the two to pick it up.

Reed said she felt “so relieved" and that her "faith in humanity was restored."

“I told him I didn’t have my purse or any money with me, and he said it was okay.

“I think I will drop off a gift card (for him) in a bit.”

Angels Among Us is an on-going series dedicated to all the mysterious community members who have done acts of joy and optimism for others during a difficult time. Email us at to share your story.