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$22M Richmond mega mansion back on the market

22,000 square foot property on farmland on No. 6 Road boasts nine bedrooms, 11 bathrooms

An opulent 22,000 square foot Richmond mansion – one of the last of its kind under the new restrictions on house sizes on farmland – is back on the market at almost $22 million.

The property, set on almost 10 acres on No. 6 Road just north of Steveston Highway, came back on the radar recently of grassroots organization Richmond Farmwatch.

For your $21,980,000, you will need lots of toilet paper because, as well as your nine bedrooms, you will get 11 bathrooms.

The 9.927 acre “classic private estate” includes a series of chandeliers, a wet bar and a massive entertaining space outside among other luxurious add-ons.

It’s exactly the kind of property being built on Richmond’s eroding farmland that caused Farmwatch to be founded in the first place.

However, the sprawling mansion was permitted long before the city, in 2018, drastically reduced the maximum size of house on farmland to 4,400 square feet.

“It’s been up for sale for a while, I think it was finished last spring,” said Farmwatch’s Laura Gillanders.

“I’ve seen this (property) before, but it seems to have had all the shocking landscaping done now.”