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Richmond family business inducted into hall of fame

Island Glass and Mirrors was inducted into the Richmond Chamber of Commerce's Hall of Fame.
Dave Shaw, operations manager of Island Glass and MIrrors, at the 45th annual Richmond Business Excellence Award.

The last thing you’d expect at an award ceremony is a business representative asking the Richmond mayor to fix a pothole — in front of 300 people.

But for Dave Shaw, operations manager at Island Glass and Mirrors, it was a bet he couldn’t pass up to celebrate the business being inducted into Richmond Chamber of Commerce’s Hall of Fame this year.

While on stage at the 45th annual Richmond Business Excellence Awards, Shaw announced to Mayor Malcolm Brodie that a pothole was at First Avenue and Francis Road, to which everyone erupted into laughter during the ceremony.

“I won a bet for saying that,” said Shaw.

But his humour didn’t end there.

Shaw also apologized to Brodie for asking him “when was the bridge going to be built” during his first year at the company.

“I want to say I was not being a wise ass. I apologize for not knowing your position at the time.”

The Chamber’s Hall of Fame Award honours a Richmond business with at least 25 years of history in the community.

Island Glass and Mirrors has been around for more than 60 years and was established in 1952 by Lyle and Helen Grath before being bought by James and George Greig in 1966.

The business is now under the management of Greig’s grandson Brody, the sales manager, and Shaw, Brody’s brother-in-law.

“Thank you to the Richmond Chamber of Commerce and Shaena for this incredible honour,” said Shaw.

“It’s not just us accepting this (award), it is all the hard-working staff … and the hundreds of loyal employees we’ve had over the years. So, it’s all on their behalf.”