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Korean rice cake bakery opens first B.C. location in Richmond

International chain snack shop offers chewy treats that are low in sugar
Nam Dae Moon rice cake
Korean rice cake bakery Nam Dae Moon opened its first B.C. shop in Richmond.

It is no surprise that Richmond houses some of the most unique snack shops and eateries and that includes a new Korean-style rice cake bakery.

Nam Dae Moon, an international bakery chain, opened its first B.C. location in Richmond’s Continental Shopping Centre on April 24.

The shop is known for its steamed and chewy Korean rice cakes, also known as tteok, and it claims its treats are low in sugar.

Its most popular flavours include osmanthus rice cake, red bean glutinous rice cakes and sesame glutinous rice cakes.

Patrons with a sweeter tooth may also be interested in their Oreo or Ferro Roche flavours.

Nam Dae Moon also offers other Asian sweets such as daifuku, a Japanese-style mochi pastry filled with fresh fruit, sweet or savoury fillings.

The treat shop was founded by an ethnic Korean-Chinese individual in China in 2016 and has since opened more than 300 shops globally.

There are plans for the business to open two more B.C. locations by the end of the year, but the spots have yet to be announced.

Nam Dae Moon can be found at Unit 2132 – 3779 Sexsmith Road.

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