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Teenage artist holds first solo art exhibition in Richmond

Henry Wang’s “Peace of My Mind” exhibition at Lipont Gallery will run from Sept. 30 to Oct. 3.

A Vancouver high school student is holding his first-ever solo art exhibition in Richmond this weekend.

Sixteen-year-old Henry Wang's exhibition, titled “Peace of My Mind,” at Lipont Gallery is ongoing until Oct. 3.

The Point Grey secondary student has completed hundreds of art pieces since he first started painting at five years old, and he will be showcasing more than 40 pieces in the exhibition.

The title of Wang’s solo exhibition is a play on words and provides insight into how Wang sees the world. He also wants to explore the different ways individuals can experience the world.

“Each piece tells a different story, and each piece has a different emotion to it, so I think that’s what people can try to find and feel when they walk into this exhibition,” Wang explained.

He wants to highlight that art can still stand "firmly in this new age of technology.”

A memorial of an era

Once Wang started painting at five years old, he never stopped.

He told the Richmond News the exhibition is a memorial of his period of work so far and is “really grateful” to have the chance to present his works to the public.

Wang's art draws inspiration from everyday experiences and human interactions, resulting in paintings of people and relationships.

His work is also heavily influenced by his immigrant experience.

“People are really nice (in Metro Vancouver), and that’s another aspect of my paintings,” said Wang.

“My paintings usually show the chaotic but peaceful side of life. So they might seem chaotic, (but) when you look into the details and when you look into the colours, they’re actually very peaceful.”

He has been working out of a studio in Richmond’s British Columbia Creative Center for the past three years, and he credits it for his growth and achievements as an artist.

“For the past three years, I’ve been working and thriving here, as well as having fun and developing a lot of new relationships,” he said.

“Through relationships there’s art, and this place helped me achieve where and what I am today.”

Wang hopes his exhibition will inspire young artists to pursue their dreams, and he plans to sell some of his paintings to raise money for the Vancouver Art Gallery’s Institute of Asian Art.

“I want to do my part in Asian representation, especially since I’m one of the younger generations that now have the opportunity to do so,” said Wang.

“One of the main reasons for this art exhibition is dedicated to (representing) this younger generation of Asian artists.”