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Steveston-London alumnus releases first pop-music album

Music album titled "By Design" reminds listeners to have fun and keep doing what they love.
Alex Eidelshtein
Steveston-London alumnus Alex Eidelshtein released his first music album

An aspiring Richmond musician took working from home seriously by producing and releasing his first EP (extended play) album from the comfort of his bedroom.

Alex Eidelshtein, who also goes by his artist name Al Stein, said the pandemic gave him extra time to explore his passion for music, leading him to create and release a pop-music album titled “By Design” with six songs.

“Music to me is just something I love and have a passion in, and being able to create good music and learning as I go is just great,” said 26-year-old Eidelshtein.

The Steveston-London alumnus told the Richmond News the title of the EP is a reminder that everything in life is “created a certain way” and has its own story and meaning.

“It’s about having fun and doing what you love and going with it,” he said.

Eidelshtein originally went to school for business management, however, he is looking to go back to school to learn more about music.

“I’m making music as a hobby right now, and I’m not doing it to try and get famous or anything. I just want to keep doing something that I love and this is the next best step to take to pursue something in the music industry.”

When asked how he got into music, Eidelshtein said, like any young kid, he was put into music class by his mom.

He was placed in violin and piano lessons and it wasn’t until he was older that he learned to appreciate it more and even taught himself to play the guitar.

“I always felt music was something I had to do as a kid, but as I grew older I do thank my mom for putting me in lessons because it gave me the skills to understand music more.”

To listen to Eidelshtein’s music, go to