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Richmond student wins provincial eco-focused art contest

The National Forest Week Provincial Contest gave youth an artistic opportunity to showcase their understanding of the environment

A Richmond student was one of three winners in a provincial environmentally focused art competition.

Lukas Ma, a student at Richmond Christian School, won the National Forest Week Provincial Contest with a hand-drawn and painted art piece using pencil crayons and water-colour paint that portrayed the theme “Our forests – continually giving.”

The contest is hosted by FORED BC Society, an association providing sustainability education and resources about the environment, to give youth an artistic opportunity to showcase their understanding of the environment.

Ma said his art piece featured a deer with antlers that represented tree branches in a forest. Inside, the deer-shaped image was filled with other images such as a cabin to show the forest provides “us with things that we need.”

“It was a really fun experience and I was happy that my drawing won,” said Ma, adding his submission piece took around four hours to create.

Each winner received $100 and Ma has already decided what he plans to use it on.

“I’m probably going to invest it into things to help me get better at art,” he said.

“I also do digital art, so I’m probably going to try and get an Apple pen.”

Ma told the Richmond News he has loved art since he was young and started drawing when he was in Grade 2 or 3.

He plans to become an animator in the future or work in the field of animation.