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Richmond school to showcase Chinese ethnic dance at Vancouver Playhouse

The event will highlight young dancers on stage and present Chinese ethnithic dance
Richmond-based Cindy Yang Dance Academy of Canada will present a show called Dance Forever on Nov. 25 at Vancouver Playhouse. Photo submitted

Cindy Yang Dance Academy of Canada, a dance school that has called Richmond home for 32 years, will present a show this month to showcase Chinese ethnic minority dance.

The show, named Dance Forever, will take place on Nov. 25 at Vancouver Playhouse near Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

This year’s theme is “Dancing in Youth,” which will highlight young dancers, starting from three years old, and give them a stage to shine, said Yang Yang, the school’s art director.

“There are many Chinese dance schools here in Metro Vancouver, but not many specialize in ethnic minority dance like us,” said Yang.

She explained the performances, which are all originally choreographed by the school’s teachers, include elements and culture from different ethnic groups in China.

For example, one of the performances is “cuisine dance” from the Yi ethnicity living in southwest China. It’s a dance they do when they serve their guests dishes.

“Dance does not only help improve people’s body condition, but it also improves their self-discipline and self-confidence,” said Yang.

“And our dance is also a great way for our students to understand traditional Chinese culture, which many of their families have connections to.”

Some older students will also participate in the performance and many of them have reached a professional dance level, she added.

For more information about Dance Forever, check the website.

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