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Richmond comedian champions Canadian artists through live show

Stand-up comedy show looks at the struggles of independent artists
Taylor Moorey(1)
Richmond resident and comedian Taylor Moorey.

“Our arts sector is kind of anemic, and it shouldn’t be like that.”

Richmond resident and stand-up comedian Taylor Moorey is hoping to re-build recognition for performing artists through an upcoming live show.

Moorey said the show will hopefully bring back the experience of old concert films of the ‘70s and ‘80s era as well.

The live stand-up show, titled “The Mixtape Live at the Biltmore,” will be presented in a comedic documentary-style and aims to show the struggles independent artists go through.

“I want to make something that champions Canadian artists,” said Moorey, adding that the show will feature eight other comedy artists.

“There is a huge deal of unrecognized talent, and I hope I can help them on their journey of furthering their careers.”

According to the McMath alumnus, there are diminishing opportunities for local artists and comedians in certain parts of the Lower Mainland and COVID-19 has contributed to that.

“In stand-up, and in the arts in general, you have a fraction of a chance of making a living at it. But with stand-up in Canada, it’s like a fraction of that fraction, and that’s why I want to bring Canadian artists to the Canadian audience.”

To Moorey, he caught the stand-up comedy bug after watching George Carlin talk about “upsetting themes like religion or politics in a weirdly funny way” – something he noticed people latched onto a lot.

 “I’m not there yet, but the idea of being someone like (Carlin) was revelatory, and that’s what I wanted to do from then on,” said Moorey.

The Richmond comedian hopes that Canadians can realize that there are many talented artists in our backyard who are often overlooked.

“Keep your eyes open for local shows and you’ll be beyond impressed and you might also learn something that stand-up (comedy) is not what you see on TV. It’s a lot of unglamorous work, and a lot of heartbreak.”

The live show will also be recorded and turned into a concert film of the same name.

Moorey’s show will be live at 8 p.m. on Nov. 19 at the Biltmore in Vancouver.