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Richmond author releases kids book about aliens, climate change and chocolate

Alien Tuc, the Yummling has a lesson about kindness after an alien’s failed attempt to steal all of earth’s chocolate.

A Richmond author has released a new book for kids that follows an alien’s journey to earth on a quest to solve his planet’s climate change crisis, when he unexpectedly gets sidetracked by our planet’s penchant for chocolate.

Alien Tuc, the Yummling is author Moreah Sinclaire’s second book for kids. She hopes it will delight children ages six to 10, and leave them with a message about kindness.

“[Tuc] has been sent to save his planet from ruin since climate change started happening there,” Sinclaire said in a news release. “But he finds himself in trouble when he arrives on Earth and tries to steal all of Earth’s chocolate.”

His thieving plan fails and he’s forced to surrender it, but not before striking up a relationship with Jenna, a young earthling who has been watching the drama.

Sinclaire hopes the reader will learn that it feels good to be kind and generous to those who are different from ourselves, even if they’re aliens.

She said her five-year-old granddaughter, Jenna, inspired her to write her book when she invited Sinclaire to a make-believe party where aliens would be guests. 

The book is available for purchase on Amazon