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Richmond Arts Coalition celebrates local artists in free online show

Showcase presents various performing artists of diverse cultures

Richmond performing artists are being featured in a new online showcase to celebrate local talents and their work.

Richmond Arts Coalition (RAC), a volunteer-led organization in Richmond, recorded and published the first part of its "Let’s Celebrate Together" show on YouTube, which celebrates the various art forms in Richmond.

The one-hour digital showcase will highlight work from artists such as performers, musicians, dancers, actors, comedians, magicians and visual artists.

According to Andrew Wade, executive director of RAC, its channel will help Richmond artists “reach a larger national and international digital audience.”

“Programming on the channel will be entertaining, informative and educational,” said Wade, adding that the channel, crew and post-production work are all from Richmond.

“Let’s Celebrate Together – part one is a unique show where local artists were brought together from diverse backgrounds and artistic genres to highlight and celebrate their own art forms with a solo performance, and then to perform collaborative creations together.”

RAC recorded and produced the showcase in the Richmond Arts Centre performance hall with the help of a grant from Metro Vancouver, the British Columbia Arts Council and the Government of Canada.

Let’s Celebrate Together can be seen at