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Permanent U.K.-inspired phone booth art installation at Richmond outlet

Have you seen these telephone booths at the outlet yet?

A new art installation has been erected at Richmond’s McArthurGlen Designer Outlet and it’s here to stay.

The installation features two U.K.-inspired telephone booths “wrapped” in artwork designed by female artist duo WKNDRS (pronounced as weekenders) Rachel Rivera and Claire Ouchi.

These telephone booth installations are permanent and can be found next to Cafe Artigiano, according to a McArthurGlen spokesperson.

Rivera and Ouchi told the Richmond News they were commissioned by the outlet to create two artworks for the phone booths.

The duo’s designs were inspired by both the history of McArthurGlen, which is initially U.K.-based, and a “contemporary, painterly aesthetic” for people who visit the outlet.

“We want people to rethink what a conventional old-school telephone booth looks like,” said Rivera.

Ouchi added they want to inspire people to enjoy life with a more positive outlook.

“We love to create immersive spaces that are colourful and positive, and we really hope that they inspire and enlighten people that get to experience our artwork and installation,” she said.

The goal was to complete the project ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8, according to Rivera.

“We worked with an all-women team at McArthurGlen and it was a really cool way to collaborate and celebrate the upcoming day,” Rivera added.

“It’s fun to collaborate as a woman together and have people enjoy the work that we do.”

Both artists want to remind female artists and entrepreneurs to follow their passions and support each other in times of need.

“Women who want to pursue their dreams in their world and careers, just know what you’re after and don’t hesitate.”