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Former Richmond punk rock band returns for reunion concert

Remember August will hold one concert on Main Street in late August.

A former Richmond punk band is hoping to recreate a nostalgic moment, of walking into a packed room at West Richmond Community Centre and being greeted by a huge crowd of cheering teens waiting to hear them play.

The early 2000s band Remember August will hold a one-time reunion concert in late August, 16 years after disbanding.

The band members were shocked to see tickets for their reunion concert sold out within 36 hours of release, said former band member and vocalist Andy Roy.

“I just kept staring at (the website) thinking it was a dream,” said Roy. It was a different scene from 2005 when there were no advanced sales or pre-sale tickets for their concerts.

“It was very overwhelming and very touching.”

Remember August formed inside a Richmond garage in 2004, hoping to spread the sound of punk rock in the community.

Their first concert was held in February 2005 in North Vancouver, but the first show in Richmond was a moment Roy and his bandmates would never forget.

It was held at West Richmond Community Centre and walking into the room “was a crazy feeling” for the Remember August musicians.

“There were so many kids that we thought there was something else going on that night. That is until we realized they were there for us,” said Roy.

“We were only a band for a few months, so it was a crazy feeling to know it was something that mattered in Richmond at the time and it was just a very special.”

The band then went on to tour internationally including on Vans Warped Tour before disbanding in 2007.

When asked why the band decided to return for a single concert, Roy said it was to remind people what it was like growing up in Richmond.

“Being part of this band was something unique that happened because I grew up in Richmond,” he said.

“I thought if we put this show together, it might remind people that they are glad they grew up here, that we all built something together and look back on a place that was actually a fun place to be.”

Roy hopes the reunion concert will be a throwback to the early 2000s and he hopes to relive the special moment he and his bandmates shared with fans in their early days.

Remember August will be performing at Vancouver’s Red Gate Arts Society on Main Street on Aug. 26. While pre-sale tickets are sold out, there will be a limited number of tickets at the door.