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Comedy about sex and marriage in middle age stars Richmond actress

Sexy Laundry is playing at the Granville Island Stage from now to May 12
Sexy Laundry is written by critically acclaimed Vancouver playwright Michele Riml.

A long-time married couple in a hotel with a copy of Sex for Dummies is the setting for a comedy starring Richmond actress Lossen Chambers.

Chambers is playing the lead role in a comedy about a marriage crisis between a middle-aged couple.

Sexy Laundry, produced by the Arts Club Theatre Company and written by critically acclaimed Vancouver playwright Michele Riml, is playing at the Granville Island Stage until May 12.

“It's about a relationship really, it's about how things can maybe have a little bit of lacklustre in a marriage after 25 years and how both parties are going to try and bring all that lustre back,” said Chambers, who plays the role of Alice.

In the show, Alice and her husband Henry are coming to grips with their lacklustre sex life, as time, kids and stress have taken their toll. In an effort to rekindle the magic in their marriage, they go on a naughty hotel retreat, equipped with a copy of Sex for Dummies.

“It’s very funny, but it's also quite eloquent. And it delves into topics that usually are a bit taboo… about sexual love in a marriage and how you bring that spark back when ember seems to be smouldering.”

Chambers has been an actress for about 30 years and has recurring roles in TV shows Family Law and So Help Me Todd. She said she is excited to get the opportunity to perform a role of her own age on stage.

“I'm married for 28 years and when my husband and I read this script, we were like, ‘Wow, is this about us?’” said Chambers with a laugh.

“I think what it really tells is that women … we are all the same, we have the same thoughts, fears, self-esteem, self-love and balance of career. What we don't realize is that [others] are going through the same thing you're going through, maybe at different times within their marriage or their relationship.

“Audience members can be of any age and just get this lovely introspective of what a relationship really may require, sometimes a little bit of truth and honesty and just a willingness to listen and to try.”

Sexy Laundry is an international hit play that has been translated into 15 languages, according to the Arts Club Theatre Company.

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