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Make every day matter

What would you do today if this was your last day on Earth? I ask myself this question often not quite every day, but almost. It gives me a sober perspective on my values, the agenda of the day and where I find meaning.
Photos: Santa's Arrival

Photos: Santa's Arrival

Dreaming the poverty-free dream

Ten years ago, Richmond's Sally Houston had a dream that no local child would have to live in poverty. Houston is still working on that wish through her annual fundraiser, the Richmond Dream Auction.

Money message dates back to old Italy

You probably remember the report in local newpapers at the end of September about the Royal Bank of Canada on No. 3 Road being hit by cars twice in two weeks.

Doc scared mom onto running track

When Nathalie Stewart's doctor told her to lose weight or be at serious risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, the Richmond mom finally decided she had to do something.

Olympic oval to host elite basketball centre

A high performance basketball development program has been unveiled at Olympic oval.

But aren't we the monsters?

The recent letter to the editor about monster homes destroying our trees seems to have expressed a sentiment shared by many. It certainly resonated with me.

Sponsorship requires economic, cultural balance

There are more than a million people waiting in various queues to immigrate to Canada, 165,000 (16.5 per cent) of whom are parents and grandparents - fondly known as FC4s.

Companies merge with nonprofits to satisfy 'millennials'

The rise of corporate citizenship can seriously impact the bottom line of businesses today. So said Tanya Olliva, Coast Capital Savings' manager of corporate leadership, during Monday's inaugural launch of Richmond Caring Companies.

1,000 attend service, exceeding last year

Upwards of 1,000 people descended on the cenotaph at Richmond City Hall for the annual Remembrance Day service.