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Video: Giant Lego dragon display in Richmond mall ends with a smash

Young volunteers gathered to help dismantle a Lunar New Year display.

Bricks flew across Lansdowne Centre's centre court on Sunday afternoon as its Lunar New Year display was dismantled with a dramatic smash.

The giant Lego dragon, made up of 7,668 bricks, spanned two metres long and one and a half metres tall.

It was designed and built by Lego-certified professional Robin Sather as the centrepiece of the Richmond mall's Lunar New Year festivities, which began on Feb. 10.

Sather dismantled the sculpture with the only thing "slightly less fun than building Lego" — by smashing it onto the ground.

He was joined by young Richmondites, who helped sort the bricks into their respective bins, ready to be used for Sather's next big creation.

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