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Richmond community cookbook fundraiser seeks print sponsor

Recipes were donated by community members and proceeds will benefit RCFC
Jennifer Campillo, peer support coordinator at RCFC, has contributed a few of her family recipes to the cookbook. (Jennifer Campillo)

Scallion pancakes, korokke (Japanese croquette), chicken adobo, Korean chicken potato bake and Greek cabbage rolls are some of the recipes representing Richmond’s community.

A local mental health organization offering peer support to Richmondites has compiled a community recipe book for a fundraiser, and they’re hoping to find a print sponsor.

The cookbook is made up of around 35 recipes donated by peers at the Richmond Mental Health Consumer and Friends’ Society (RCFC) and other community members, and net proceeds from its sales will help support the RCFC.

“The whole cookbook is celebrating family recipes, communities, and we’re trying to create a multicultural array of recipes that we’re sharing with the public,” said Jennifer Campillo, peer support coordinator at RCFC.

“(The recipes are) all pretty simple and very tasty and different and have lots of meaning behind them.”

Campillo told the Richmond News her inspiration for the project came from her personal experience of being hospitalized.

“I really didn’t like the food at (the) hospital. So when I got out of the hospital, I taught myself to cook and I got to feeling like, ‘Oh, I really enjoy cooking,’” said Campillo, adding that the idea also came naturally because RCFC had held cooking events before.

The cookbook also holds a deeper meaning than a regular fundraiser, as it celebrates the legacy and talents of those who will benefit from the funds.

“If peers are empowered to share their recipes, and it’s part of the fundraiser, it’s an empowerment piece. So that’s why we’ve decided to do a cookbook,” Campillo explained.

It took about a year, but Campillo and her team finally managed to collect all the recipes and complete the layout. All they need now is some help with printing.

The final product will be available for sale at RCFC’s Richmond office at 7671 Alderbridge Way near the Olympic Oval or at Book Warehouse on West Broadway.

“We would like to sell as many books as we can,” said Campillo, adding that the main goal of the fundraiser is to empower those using RCFC services.

To find out more and to offer your support to the project, please email [email protected].