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Richmond amateur radio club puts own spin on Christmas

Radio enthusiasts made satellite tree decorations for the Gulf of Georgia Cannery festival

Richmond amateur radio enthusiasts have put their own spin on Christmas – after decorating one of the trees in the Gulf of Georgia Cannery.

Richmond Amateur Radio Club (RARC) named its tree, ‘Communicating to One World’ at this year’s cannery Festival of Trees to portray the universality of amateur radio and use of high technology to communicate around the world.

The club’s ornament designs are based on the three components of amateur radio: cube satellites to portray the current use of high technology in space; coasters to display the frequently transmitted content; and individualized building set figures to represent the amateur radio operator.

According to the club’s president, Urey Chan, the ornaments on the RARC tree are handmade by club members “using items found around the home, adding a whimsical and toyish contrast to the technical subject, while also conveying the messages of the season.”

Items used for the satellites include pop can sections, ballpoint pen parts, pull tabs from Spam cans, printer cartridges and loose bricks from a building site.

“The club’s unique participation in the event,” added Chan, allows RARC to:

- Promote amateur radio and its current technologies to the general public,

- Increase awareness of RARC to the local community, and

- Improve relations with GOG Cannery.”

The RARC tree, along with other decorated trees from participating businesses and organizations, are on display at the cannery until Dec.


Visitors are encouraged to vote for their favourite tree, or one can view the trees online on the cannery website and Facebook and Instagram pages.