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Photos: Richmond residents honoured for their community work

Award plaques and commemorative pins were handed out to 20 individuals.

Twenty Richmond residents were presented with the King Charles III Coronation Award last week for their contributions to the community.

The awards were handed out on Dec. 21 by Parm Bains, MP for Steveston-Richmond East.

They were recognized for their leadership, volunteerism, innovation and dedication in five categories: environmentalism, sustainability, human rights, sportsmanship, education and the arts. 

Among the group of individuals receiving the award were former city councillor Harold Steves for his environmental work in Steveston, Marilou Yodogawa for her stand for human rights, as well as Ed Gavsie, CEO of Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives for his work in the volunteering sector.

Olympians Evan Dunfee and Arjun Bhullar were also recipients of the award.

"As a community, we thrive when we recognize and celebrate the remarkable contributions of individuals who dedicate their efforts to shaping the very essence of Richmond," said Bains.

"By acknowledging (the) dedication and strength of people in our community, we can demonstrate progress and resilience to ultimately ensure the collective spirit of our city reflects the extraordinary commitment of its diverse and passionate residents."

Recipients who were recognized are as follows:

  • Chloé Dubois
  • Harold Steves
  • Linda Barnes
  • Alan Sakai
  • Jim Kojima
  • Arjun Bhullar
  • Ed Gavsie
  • George Tweedlie
  • Amran Toyo
  • Cynthia Rozen
  • Chrissy Benz
  • Maryam Bawa
  • Sophia Zhang
  • Ahlay Chin
  • William Chan
  • Balwant Singh Sanghera
  • Tom Choy
  • Marilou Yodogawa
  • Amado Mercado Jr.
  • Evan Dunfee