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Photos: Richmond mall celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with important message

Richmondites gathered at Lansdowne Centre on Saturday afternoon for family-friendly activities and to say 'hate has no place in Richmond.'

Richmondites and local dignitaries gathered at Lansdowne Centre on Saturday, Sept. 10 to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival and promote anti-racism in Richmond.

The event featured delicate sugar paintings by Joanna Liu, colourful DIY lanterns for children, a recycling challenge and the popular spinning wheel in support of the mall's Food Garden. Richmond RCMP was also present with a community booth to teach Richmondites what to do in case of racist incidents.

During the event's opening ceremony, Mayor Malcolm Brodie noted that there was an initial spike of racial incidents in Richmond during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. He added that although it had eased off after city council "made a pronouncement that [they] will not tolerate any sort of racial incidents or hate incidents," "there's been a spike lately."

"Most people in Richmond embrace the diversity we have, but not everyone shares this view and we've seen some recent incidents that are unacceptable in the city," said Parm Bains, MP for Steveston-Richmond East.

"By spreading these values of neighbourly and community-oriented views, being an ally to those who are different from you, and by coming together here today, we're here to say hate has no place in Richmond and we can make a difference."