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Out and About: Finn Slough – a living memory of Richmond’s past

Many of the homes in the historic fishing community are on floats or supported by pilings.

Finn Slough is unique. Its namesake history goes back to the 1880s when the area was settled by people from Finland who made their living as fishers. 

Today, it is a small community with a colourful history that is located at the south end of No. 4 Road in Richmond.  

With about 30 wooden houses of various designs, it is off the grid in many ways.  

The houses – some more than 100 years old - are either built on floats or supported by pilings. 

Ongoing maintenance and repair is a way of life for these structures, some of them modified from former fishing buildings.

Some people still make their living as fishers while the majority either work elsewhere or are retired.

When I was there recently, I had the good fortune to meet Kimi and Kareno and their dog Spirit, two residents of the Slough who own and operate an organic farming business – Sweet Digz.  

The Slough also has the distinction of being a photographer’s paradise, all the way from sunrise to sunset!

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