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Out & About: Fishing village of Steveston attracts tourists, locals

The boardwalk, fish sales and sights are popular at the working fishing village.

Steveston Harbour is a tourist magnet.

When I was there recently, there were many visitors, especially Richmondites enjoying their favourite restaurants and sightseeing.

And a surprise couple from Dallas, Texas, who read about Vancouver and Steveston only the day before and decided to hop a plane and visit!

The harbour complements the historic — and still working — fishing village of Steveston. 

The harbour is filled with fish boats, on-dock sales of marine food products and a thriving set of tourist services.  

A wide range of boardwalk and nearby restaurants offer budget comfort food to higher end but also reasonable steaks, seafood and ethnic choices.

Fish sales, which started on an unofficial basis in the 1970s, continue today on a specially designed dock that has been in operation since 1989. 

Steveston hosts one of the few remaining authentic fishing locales on the West Coast - and is the largest commercial fishing harbour in Canada.

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