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Cool reads for summer

The Summer Reading Club (SRC) is now in full swing at the Richmond Public Library, with more than 4,800 kids registered so far.

The Summer Reading Club (SRC) is now in full swing at the Richmond Public Library, with more than 4,800 kids registered so far. This free reading program for children of all ages encourages kids to read by recording book titles in a special "reading record" booklet, collecting stickers, entering prize draws and attending weekly programs at their local library. This year's theme is "Savour Each Word." It's not too late to join in the fun - to sign up, just visit any of the four branches. For more information, go to

As part of the Summer Reading Club, children can write reviews about their favorite books and have the chance to be published in our weekly Richmond News column. Here are this week's reviews:

Allie Finkleis Rules for Girls: The New Girl by Meg Cabot Review by Laura, age 11.

This book is about a girl named Allie Finkle, who just moved to a new town with her family and her bf (best friend) Erika. And along her ride as "the new girl," there is one big bump that makes her sad. I like this book because it shows you what being the new girl is like. Meeting new friends and teachers, learning new things, making your way to your new class and, most important of all, how to stand up to a bully that just has you as a target. I also liked this book because it teaches you rules for girls.

Gone by Michael Grant Review by Rachel, age 11

This book is about how on one normal day, people aged 15 and older just suddenly disappear and the kids that are left start developing strange powers. A few people start to rule this area, but their rules just don't fit. Four people set off to figure out why the older people disappeared. I like this book because I like sci-fi and it is kind of dramatic, like the betrayals to the main character. Gone is also quite spooky, which fits me and people who are not that courageous to read ghost stories, but like creepy stuff with a touch of humour and love.

Fudge-a-Mania by Judy Blume Review by Mya, age 8.

Fudge has big plans to marry Sheila Tubman. Fudge and Sheila plant pink rocks from the beach in the garden. And there is 13 chapters in the books. I like this book because it's a very good book. People in my class read them, like my friends. It's my favourite book. It's funny to me. In this book, there is a character named Uncle Feather. Uncle Feather is not a real uncle, he is a bird. You should read this book.