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Best places in Richmond to walk your dog

Five popular dog parks to have fun with your furry friends.
DogWalk (McDonaldBeachPark-RNfilephoto)
McDonald Beach Park is perfect for an afternoon walk or off-leash day for dogs.

Spending time with our furry family member is important to many residents and community members of Richmond. Sometimes there’s the quick walk along the neighbourhood, but times there are times where residents want to take their dogs out for a day of fun with others. Here is a list of popular spots to walk your dog or off-leash areas for them to run around.

Aberdeen Neighbourhood Park

This park was built in 2018 and one of the newest neighbourhood parks in the Richmond City Centre. It is located at the interaction of Hazelbridge Way and Cambie Road and is great for a walk for pet owners. There is a fenced dog park as well for owners who want to give their pets some off-leash time.

Mcdonald Beach Park

This park is located at the north end of Sea Island, along the North Arm of the Fraser River, and is perfect for an afternoon walk or off-leash day for dogs. While dogs must be on-leash in the park, there is an off-leash part of the park for them. In case the name of the park wasn’t clear, it is a sandy area right next to the water so make sure to bring a towel to dry off your dog.

Iona Beach Regional Park

Iona is a great spot for walks for humans and dogs alike. Dogs are allowed off-leash on the lower roadway of the Iona Jetty, but they must be on-leash on the trail (the 4-kilometer jetty) and everywhere else in the park. The two areas that dogs are not allowed in, because of high value wildlife habitats, are the ponds and areas on the east side of the park and the foreshore and beach area between the Iona Jetty and the North Jetty.

Garden City Park

While this is a general community park, dogs are allowed on-leash in the area. There is also a designated off-leash enclosed section of the park where the dogs can run about. This is a medium-sized area with a double-gate entry for the dogs’ safety and dirt and sand surface.

South Dyke Doggie Park

This is a 6.81 acre waterfront park that is located on the South Arm area of the Fraser River. It is an off-leash park with gravel trails, benches and public art for everyone to enjoy.