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Richmond high school flagged for COVID-19 exposure

This is the second COVID-19 exposure in Richmond School District so far this year
MacNeill secondary Richmond
MacNeill secondary

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) has reported Richmond School District’s second COVID-19 exposure of the year.

There was an exposure at MacNeill secondary on Jan. 20 to 22, the health authority posted on its school exposures webpage.

“Exposures occur when a case of COVID-19 was present in school during their infectious period,” reads VCH’s school exposures webpage.

“In the vast majority of cases, there is no transmission in the school setting.”

MacNeill is the second school in Richmond to be flagged for a COVID-19 exposure so far in 2021. Previously, VCH reported that there was an exposure at Palmer secondary on Jan. 4 to 5.

Richmond teachers want to see faster communication about exposures, according to a survey conducted by the Richmond Teachers Association (RTA).

Teachers said they want early notification once the school has been informed of a positive test result, more details about the exposure incident, and exposure notices to be posted to the school district and individual school websites, rather than a link to the VCH webpage.

Richmond teachers also said they want to be a part of contact tracing, as they “know the close contacts and movement of students,” according to the RTA survey.