Richmond's Easter Bunny can come to your door - at a safe distance

A Richmond-based rabbit charity has come up with a charming fundraising idea for the Easter long weekend.

With most people stuck at or near their homes due to the pandemic, Rabbitats has decided to deliver one of the Easter traditions to Richmondites’ doorsteps in place of its annual fundraiser.

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For a minimum $50 donation – and while keeping more than a safe distance – the Easter bunny itself (see picture) can pay a visit to outside your home this weekend to deliver a basket of Easter goodies.

And, for a slightly higher minimum donation of $100, live Easter bunnies will arrive in your yard, with a pen set up where people can visit some of the charity’s friendly rescue bunnies and feed them healthy treats for a 20-minute session.

All the necessary precautions will be taken, said Rabbitats, and all items involved will be kept clean with disinfectant wipes.

“Easter is always our busiest time with bunnies in the spotlight,” said Rabbitats’ founder Sorelle Saidman.

“We reach out to people to educate them about rabbits and make sure they can get a 'bunny fix' without going out and buying one for their kids, which is almost always a disaster. 

“It's also our biggest fundraising season.  We saw that somebody in the States was doing costumed character visits. We couldn't decide which would be the better option, live bunnies or the character, so we decided to do both.

“At least we can bring some traditional joy into this very non-traditional time.  And most importantly for the rabbits, we hope to get enough donations to keep them fed.”

 The charity feeds over 300 homeless bunnies at their Richmond shelter and at various satellite sanctuaries. 

The aforementioned Easter sessions can be booked for Easter Sunday or Monday by emailing Email for other queries.



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