Richmond Mutt March event returns with new challenges

Soi Dog Canada is returning for their second annual Mutt March to help dogs and owners shake off some stress during COVID-19.

The Mutt March is an in-person event where community members get together in a 10K walk or run to help bring awareness to animals that have been abandoned, abused and are in need.

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However, because of the pandemic, the event will be held virtually with 10 challenges in addition to their annual 10K walk/run done on the participants’ own time.

Lisa Wagner, president of Soi Dog Canada, said her team wanted to bring something fun and different to families while fundraising for animals.

“We’re asking participants to get their friends and families to sponsor them to attempt these challenges and this walk,” said Wagner, adding that the funds raised will go towards helping animals at the Soi Dog Foundation – the parent organization to Soi Dog Canada – and three Canadian animal rescue organizations.

The event’s challenges, said Wagner, will also give participants several chances to win various prizes.

Examples of the challenges include eating a lemon and yelling “Soi Dog rules” or something heartwarming like calling the oldest person the participant knows and asking what their favourite animal was as a child.

Wagner told the Richmond News that the event is also a way to bring the community together.

“Last year was a fun event where the community came together to support not only animals in need but each other as well during the walk,” said Wagner.

Soi Dog Canada, founded in 2012, works in support with Soi Dog Foundation, which was established in 2003 in Phuket, Thailand.

The foundation’s focus was to help with the overpopulation of animals in the streets of Thailand and has since evolved into a physical shelter and hospital, while branching off internationally.

Mutt March will take place from Sept. 20 to 30 and participants will have to submit their challenges between these dates.

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