Richmond children's art lifts spirits in a time of uncertainty

Children’s art work was showcased at the corner of Alderbridge Way and No. 3 Rd, offering people inspiration during the pandemic, explained event organizer Lucia Liu.

"Children's drawings can lift the spirits of grown-ups in a time of social-distancing and uncertainty. My son believes that as long as we all closely follow the provincial health officer's guidelines, the pandemic will be over soon. Sometimes the young generation is more optimistic than us,” added Liu, who the director of Ignite Future Education, a Richmond-based registered and licensed immigration consulting company. 

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One of the works was an oil painting of a large train created by four-year-old Richmondite Ray Li. 

"I love drawing because you can put smiles on everyone's face. No one is crying," said Li. 

Many children have taken up new hobbies to keep themselves occupied and happy during the quarantine period, Liu noted. 

"We would like to take this opportunity to help the younger generation build a sense of caring and lift other people’s mood during this difficult time," said Liu. 

Donations to the art exhibition are welcome and will be passed on to the Richmond Hospital Foundation, said Liu. But people can donate in any way they like, she added. 

"Even if some parents don't make any donations, they feel inspired by the show and spread the messages to their children, which is also great."


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