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In this week’s print edition of the Richmond News, we published a 32-page special section called Best of Richmond, where local businesses and services were voted for best in category by you, the readers. (Digital version available here

You will also see profiles of some of our city’s finest folks, from the worlds of business, sports, the arts, first responders and volunteering.

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Ray Liu is a 21-year-old Richmond resident with a passion for engineering. He has worked as a mechanical designer at TRIUMF, a consultant at Deloitte, and a fabricator at Makerlabs. He currently serves as VP of vehicle engineering at Aerovect Technologies. Outside of work, he develops various inventions and has recently received a U.S. patent for an invention for the defense industry. His upcoming invention is one which eliminates the daily struggle with “toilet splash back”. In his spare time, he enjoys metalworking, options and derivatives trading, myrmecology, and going on long walks with his girlfriend.

1.  What do you like best about Richmond?

Being able to take a 10-minute walk down to the dike and getting to a rural area where one can see miles out to sea and away from any people or buildings; a nice break from the cramped and packed city life. On the other side of Richmond, all the way down to No. 6 Road, one can get a good view of the farmland on one side, with the lovely warehouses in the industrial park on the other.

2.      How do you stay healthy in Richmond?

By going for a physically distant walk in the early morning or in the evening at the Terra Nova Agriculture Park.

3.      What’s your favourite sliver of nature in Richmond?

Richmond Nature Park
4.      What song best describes Richmond?

John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads
5.      Where in Richmond do you like to take out-of-town guests?

Iona Beach Regional Park
6.      Is there an adaptation to COVID-19 that’s been made you’d like kept. (i.e, working from home, one way traffic in Steveston, automatic walk signs)

I found the lockdown quite nice. Taking a stroll through a completely empty Richmond Centre which would normally be packed full of people was enjoyable to say the least. The online university courses are also a nice touch. With the online resources these days, there is no need for 95 per cent of the courses to be in person or live and I certainly wouldn’t mind finishing the rest of my degree and graduating online.


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