Best of Richmond: A moment with Aaron Chin

In this week’s print edition of the Richmond News, we published a 32-page special section called Best of Richmond, where local businesses and services were voted for best in category by you, thereaders. (Digital version available here

You will also see profiles of some of our city’s finest folks, from the worlds of business, sports, the arts, first responders and volunteering.

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Aaron Chin

Aaron Chin is the CEO of Organika, a Richmond-based natural wellness company that has been committed to helping people live healthier lives for the past 30 years. Richmond born and raised, Aaron is passionate about representing his hometown with hard work, innovation and community spirit. Organika’s logo is a familiar sight to the thousands who cross the Knight Street Bridge daily, and it stands as a testament of a local family business that has prospered and grown to new heights under Aaron’s second-generation leadership. Aaron is going to celebrate his company’s 30th anniversary this coming fall.


  • What do you like best about Richmond?

I like the food scene. Nowhere in the world can you get top quality restaurants all in one area!

  • How do you stay healthy in Richmond?

I like to stay healthy by going for walks along the dike.

  • What’s your favourite sliver of nature in Richmond?

Has to be Steveston docks. It’s so refreshing seeing the boats but also the beautiful scenery all in one spot.

  • What song best describes Richmond?

We Built This City-Starship

  • Where in Richmond do you like to take out-of-town guests?

Love taking them to Steveston, and specifically Kari House for a delicious Malaysian meal!

  • 6: Is there an adaption to COVID-19 that’s been made you’d like kept. (i.e, working from home, one way traffic in Steveston, automatic walk signs)

Would love to see the continued increase in cleaning because it helps stop the spread of germs and keeps everyone healthier.

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