Steveston flutist breaks down barrier between audience and performer

A Steveston flutist wants to break down barriers between performers and their audience – starting with a concert in Steveston on Friday evening.

Noah Verheyen believes music used to be the “glue of societies,” and a performance shouldn’t just be a one-way exchange between the performer and the audience.

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He pointed out it wasn’t long ago that every house had a piano and families and friends would stand around singing while someone played.

“It was a kind of dynamic, circulatory exchange of energy, with everyone getting involved,” he explained.

Verheyen, who has a music degree from the University of Toronto, will perform on Friday evening at Steveston United Church at a concert entitled “The Vision of a Fool: A Prelude to the Music of the Future."

He hopes his concert breaks down the “crystal wall” that separates the audience and performer using what he calls his “improvisatory art.” This draws its inspiration from all types of music – classical, medieval, avant-garde, jazz, hip hop, funk and folk – but with a “fresh, raw and unique” approach, he explained.

Music has become an “insular individualistic experience” with everyone having their own taste and playlists, Verheyen said, but he would like it to be more of an exchange between musicians and the community.

At this first concert Verheyen will be performing by himself, but he hopes in the future to bring other musicians, poets and performers to engage the audience.

The concert takes place Friday, Jan. 31 at 7:30 p.m. at Steveston United Church, 3720 Broadway St. Admission is by donation.


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