Richmond actress joins bucket list production

A Richmond actress has landed the role of a character she has wanted to play almost her whole life – Truvy the hairdresser in Steel Magnolias.

Sheryl Anne Wheaton jumped at the chance when she was offered the part in an all-female production of the play, which will run in Vancouver starting Friday.

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“It’s a show that I have always wanted to do and (the character) Truvy has been the role I’ve always wanted be,” said Wheaton, adding that she has loved the production since she was young and has felt a connection to the character specifically.

“The character of Truvy lives vicariously through her friends. Her husband is always an out-of-work contractor, and somebody has to support the family so she’s got to work.

“She makes that sacrifice to support the family … and that is a similarity that I see between myself and Truvy,” said Wheaton.

As a single mother, she has been performing in theatre productions while holding down a full-time job as an education assistant to support her children.

Theatre has allowed her to express herself through the roles she plays and this production is no different.

Steel Magnolias is a show about how people come together, particularly women in this show. It is how people can come together in time for crisis and it’s a show that everyone can see.”

Steel Magnolias is a comedy, and drama-filled production with an all-female cast. The show portrays the strength of women facing challenging moments in their lives and how they support each other.

Wheaton will be performing at The Nest on Granville Island from Feb. 14 to Mar. 8.

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