Creative process live streamed at Richmond art gallery

This summer, Capulet Art Gallery in Richmond will present a new art exhibition called RE/CREATION, which is designed to inspire Richmondites’ desire to respond to environmental challenges. 

Unlike other exhibits that usually present a range of artworks to the public, this event begins only with a concept and the launch of a process. Even the organizer is unaware of how the show might look. 

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Khaled Jaafar, the young artist who is known for his abstract and conceptual style, will be live-streaming his artistic process through assembling and destroying materials, which are typically used in fine art creation, over the next few weeks.  

“This is one of the first exhibitions that starts without any paintings, even I don’t know what the paintings might look like,” said Kevan Seng, the gallerist from Capulet Art Gallery. “But I feel very excited about the upcoming exhibition.”

According to Seng, Jaafar aims to advocate through the show that everyone should leave a light ecological footprint on the planet.

“Mankind has destroyed nature and recreated it in ever-more refined forms. Trees are cut, the earth is mined, and resources are extracted, and the resources are refined to molecular levels and then put back together to shape the reality around us today,” said Seng. 

“Jaafar gets the inspiration from nature, and he travels a lot all over the world. He always goes to parks and walks around the city in his leisure time, and he wants to help save the planet.”

Jaafar is a Syrian artist, born in Abu Dhabi in 1996. 

He immigrated with his family to Mississauga, Ont., in 2005. And in 2016, he moved to Montreal where he picked up a brush and began his journey of creating art without any boundaries. 

Jaafar flew to Richmond for this summer several weeks ago, and he brought up the idea to Seng about using raw materials for the show, including recording the production process for the public.

“I have been working with artists for 13 years; this is the first time I’ve heard of something like this. People are invited to come to the gallery and watch the re/creation process, but he might not be working, he might be sleeping,” Seng laughed. 

The exhibition will take place at the Capulet Art Gallery located at 2288 No 5 Road from Aug 9 to 29. Jaafar will attend the opening reception on Aug 9 at 6 p.m.

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