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Menorah lighting reminds Jews of power of kindness

Hannukah publicizes universal message that good will prevail over evil: Rabbi

Be prudent about tax loss selling opportunities

'Tis the season to be jolly, but it's also time for prudent tax planning and wise investors have already combed their portfolios for tax loss selling opportunities.

Project spans 25 years to find cancer causes

After losing her sister, Susan Murakami takes part in the BC Generations Program

Ellen sailed to England to plot enemy planes

At 21, Ellen Nickerson was desperate to go overseas. Today, 89-year-old Nickerson admitted she was a young naïve girl when she decided to join the RCAF Women's Division back in 1943.

Women Comrades in Arms statistics

- In 1941-42, the military was forever changed as it created its own women's forces. Women were now able, for the first time in our history, to serve Canada in uniform. - More than 50,000 women served in the armed forces during the Second World War.

De-cluttering home changed family's lives

Touring Leila Thomson's tidy home, it's hard to imagine that less than six months ago it was a minefield of stuff piled so high no one could eat at the dining room table, get in the front door or maneuver through the hall.

Quake survivor talks to schools

May 12, 2008 began as it did most days for 23-year-old Jolly Liao, in the small town of Han Wang in Sichuan, China.

Surviving winter, helping environment

The winter season is right around the corner, soon to usher in cold temperatures, snow and ice for many people across the country.

Recycle smoke alarms

Richmond residents finally have a place to put out their smoke detectors.

Giving back to the environment

When the subject of giving something back to a community comes up, many people forget about the environment. But giving back to the great outdoors is a great way to improve your community while enjoying some fresh air and soaking up some sun.
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