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West coast vibe inspires hotel changes

Visitors to the Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel in Richmond are sure to get a unique taste of the west coast.

Visitors to the Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel in Richmond are sure to get a unique taste of the west coast. Once they step through the doors of the freshly renovated hotel on the corner of Westminster Highway and Minoru Boulevard, they will be greeted by decor and ambience inspired by the natural surroundings and character of the city perched on the mouth of the Fraser River.

All of the updated 236 rooms, and common areas, lobby and adjacent bar display a colour palette borrowed from the nearby great outdoors.

“Everything in here is brand new,” said Yannick Simović, the hotel’s general manager, adding the design theme is called West Coast Haze.

“When renovating a hotel today it is very much about telling a story,” Simović explained. “And what better story is there than where we are.”

That’s why some of the wallpaper in the halls evoke images of raindrops, and the carpets resemble a sandy beach.

“There’s also a lot of wood used, so that’s very much west coast,” he said. “Everything was designed with that in mind - something unique and representative of where we are.”

The changes started about 10 months ago, and each room now has an updated look that is more akin to residential apartment/condo living than a standard, hotel template, with contemporary bookshelves/entertainment units, cozy furniture and large shower stalls in the more spacious bathrooms that are now more like ensuites.

The hotel’s technology has been vastly upgraded, too, with increased Wi-Fi speeds, abundant data and power connections in the rooms and sitting areas, and even a mobile app that will allow guests to bypass the lobby desk by selecting a room, checking-in and even opening their room door using their smartphone.

To also keep in step with contemporary lifestyles, one of the larger suites in the hotel made way for an expanded fitness centre that has allowed more area for guests to do yoga and stretch, as well as use the weight machines and treadmills.

And while the look and feel of the hotel may have changed, the vast majority of the staff remain - many of whom were present when the hotel first opened 20 years ago - giving repeat and new visitors a familiar and experienced level of care.

For more information about the Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel, call 604-276-2112 or visit online at