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Unique and tasty yogurt drinks can help boost your health

Make your day a little tastier with Hey! I’m Yogost’s delicious and nutritious yogurt drinks
Photo via Hey! I'm Yogost.

Tasty treats usually make you feel good. But few are actually good for you, as well.

At Hey! I am Yogost in Blundell Centre, they manage to combine those two worlds thanks to their lineup of yummy yogurt drinks they have been serving up since opening this spring.

“To begin with, all of our ingredients are all natural, and always fresh,” says their manager of operations for the chain, which currently has a total of seven locations across the Lower Mainland, with another three expected before the end of the year.

The company is planning to have a total of 20 stores open within a year. “And since yogurt by itself is not super sweet, we add a healthier sugar substitute, in consideration of serving a healthier product since they are lower in calories.”

The milk used to produce the yogurt comes from a local source, as well.

The steps to produce the yogurt follows a strict process of fermentation to ensure all of the healthy probiotic goodness is retained and delivered to customers.

And when added to wide variety of fruit options, the yogurt combines to make a tasty and healthy treat.

“The probiotics are important,” Manager says. “When you finish a meal and then try one of our drinks, it really helps with your digestion. And for seniors, especially, that’s a real help.”

As for what combinations are popular, Manager says strawberry and mango are two customer favourites.

After that comes purple rice yogurt.

“With that there’s a little bit of sweetness from the yogurt and a nice chewiness from the rice,” Manager adds. “It’s a very popular pairing.”

But if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, Hey! I am Yogost offers a number of options.

For example, you can try tiramisu yogurt.

“We blend a coffee into the yogurt to give it the authentic Italian cake taste,” Manager says.

Then there’s a non-alcoholic rice wine yogurt.

“This one is very popular in Asia,” Manager says.

For fans of antioxidant-rich matcha, there’s a matcha rice ball drink that can be customized with your choice of a number of toppings.

“We have mochi, purple rice, jello and oats available as toppings, providing many ways to make it unique to fit each person’s desired taste,” Manager adds.

And in addition to the yogurt drinks, there are also fruit slushes that use a matcha-based mixture that you can add your choice of fruit to for a cool and refreshing drink that is perfect during the warm, summer months.

“The highlight of all our products is their ability to satisfy you,” explains their marketing manager.  “And that is a great quality for those customers who are busy and on the go and need something quick which is also good for them.”

For more information about Hey! I am Yogost at Blundell Centre, visit their website at

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