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Ten essential oils your registered massage therapist might use and why

Edward Chang, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) for Sense Massage in Richmond, has always had an interest in healthcare.

Edward Chang, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) for Sense Massage in Richmond, has always had an interest in healthcare.

"I decided I wanted a career as a Registered Massage Therapist," he says, "because I wanted to be involved in helping people overcome pain and stress. It's an amazing profession, because you can do something for everyone using only your hands as your tools. The right technique gives astonishing results really fast."

Part of what helps Edward and his colleagues at Sense Massage deliver those astonishing results is the selection of essential oils that are used in massage therapy.

"Essential oils are herb and plant extracts that we mix with lotions and massage into the skin," Edward explains. "Pure essential oils cannot be used alone. They are too concentrated and can actually damage the skin. The lotion helps the body absorb the essential oils."

Here are ten benefits of essential oils and the herb or plant extract used:

1.     Enhance the immune system

"Here we would use oregano and extracts of the eucalyptus plant," Edward says.

2.     Anxiety relief

Oranges are a great source of essential oil to relieve anxiety

3.     Rejuvenated skin

"Using oils from extracts of the lavender plant will help you look younger," notes Edward.

4.     Increased mental alertness

Extracts of peppermint and lemon are helpful.

"If you want to go straight to sleep," Edward laughs, "don't use peppermint!"

5.     Improved sleep

"For a good night's sleep, instead of peppermint try lavender," Edward advises.

6.     Alleviate jet lag

Yes, that's right – there is help for all you travellers. Grapefruit extract has been shown to help with jet lag.

7.     Detox the body

"Lemon does a great job as a detoxifier for the body," says Edward.

8.     Normalize blood pressure

Extract of the herb rosemary will help keep the blood pressure level where it should be.

9.     Clear headaches and sinus congestion

Basil is a good agent for headaches and sinus congestion.

10.  Decreased muscle pain

“Fir tree extracts help with muscle pain.”

"Depending on the ingredients used and how they are mixed together, you will receive different results to help alleviate different symptoms," says Edward.

For more information on Sense Massage and their services, call 604.284.0288, visit the website, email, or stop by the clinic at 172-8180 No. 2 Road, Richmond. Sense Massage can also be found on Facebook.