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Racinne’s revitalizing skin-care range takes K-Beauty cues

Hot on the heels of K-Pop – the pop music style that went global with “Gangnam Style” – is the latest sensation out of Korea: K-Beauty.
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Hot on the heels of K-Pop – the pop music style that went global with “Gangnam Style” – is the latest sensation out of Korea: K-Beauty.

The concept of Korean Beauty – which combines science with the country’s deep roots in botanical knowledge – follows a step-by-step regimen that cleanses, nourishes, corrects and protects, with a focus on customizing to your skin needs.

Using the K-Beauty philosophy, Racinne founder Edwin Tseng combined the power of biotechnology and plant stem-cell research to create a line of rejuvenating products that give skin the ultimate healthy glow.

Racinne’s range of revitalizing skin-care products is split into four series:

• Youth Power, an anti-aging line that uses natural plant extracts, including ginseng, that promote nutrition, moisturization and promotion of collagen and elastin to help rejuvenate the skin. Full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, these products make a big difference with just a small application.

• Hydra Perfection keeps your skin hydrated over 24 hours. It uses Raccine’s unique Callus Cultivation Technology to enrich your skin with antioxidants and micronutrients.

• Aqua Blanc brightens the skin, removes dark spots and smoothes the complexion series, thanks to lotus callus extract.

• Delicare Perfection is the K-beauty solution to sensitive skin. Its mixture of hypoallergenic, antioxidant-rich plant extracts is designed to nurture the skin and reduce itching, flaking and inflammation.

Racinne also offers the Lady range of beauty devices that work in harmony with its skin-care products. They include the best-selling Lady S home spa device, which tones and refines the skin while reducing puffiness and wrinkles; the Lady M massaging facial applicator for boosting circulation and tightening skin; and the Lady I cleansing brush system, which helps exfoliate, stimulate and smooth rough skin.

Now, with the opening of a new Racinne outlet in the Richmond Centre mall, you can experience the amazing effects of K-Beauty for yourself. Drop by to see how you can celebrate your skin.

For more information, visit or call 604-277-8931. Connect with Racinne now on Facebook and Instagram @RACINNECA.